File Sharing

I did not watch the Grammys last night, but I hear that someone went off on file sharing. I think they need to stop living in the past. They do not see the future is there for the taking. Record labels should find a business model that makes money and consumers want. Even if they make less per property. The smart thing is getting people coming back for more. They could totally change the paradigm.

I also have little time for Millionaires talking about someone pitching there pockets.

All this makes me think about farming. Over all food is cheaper today then any other time in history. Technology has put a downward pressures on costs and production. A smart label would see the same is happening with the record industry. You have to make more of it to make the same profit. Farmers who stood in the way of this idea failed. I think the consumers should show that record labels that stand in the way of this idea should fail also. Some people think we should Boycott the RIAA altogether. That is not such a bad idea. I want to remind you I am a man who is usually pro business.


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