paying attention to the Winter Olympics

I do not know anyone who is paying attention to the Winter Olympics. I have a lot of friends who are sports fans. None of them seem to care. I wonder in at a company that is all about watching television. No one there is talking about it. I know that women usually watch the Olympics. None of the women I know seem to really care.

There are a couple ideas that might be happening. The first is way NBC covers the Olympics. They seem to work the stories a little too hard. People want to see more events and fewer stories about the athletes. It seems to make sense to me. NBC has tried to cover the Olympics like it is entertainment not sports.

The second thing that might be happening is that the Olympics is no longer special. In 1980 they Winter Olympics where special. There were fewer house so sports on Television. Most of the people did not have four cable channels of sports being piped into there homes 24 hours a day. We see more sports so something like the Olympics does not hold the same power.

The last problem is that the Olympics are more commercial. Everyone knows it. It tarnishes the shine just that much more. We know that the Americans who win gold medals will be trying to cash in afterwords. We are cynical about the motivations of the athletes. I do not think the Olympics will ever capture its old glory again.


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