New Blog

I have started a new web log just for travel writing. I have started it because there will be another person on at least one of my trips this year. I want her to be able to post to it. I really do not want anyone else ever posting to Sad Salvation. The new web log is Travel-Blogue.

Part of me wants to have the people I am visiting post to this web log also. I am not sure if they are would get it. I have been trying to do projects where other people post. Most of the time, I have a hard time getting people to post to these web logs. I know that people just do not have the time to sit around and write. I am not sure I could convince them to spend the time it would take.

I know that I am starting another project. Between Sad Salvation, I work on Super Karate Monkey Fist, End of Summer Party, Like Sand Like Leaves, and Quirky Alone on Live Journal. That is a lot of writing. I might be spreading myself a bit thin. I might not give enough time to any of these ideas. I will have to just live with it.

I am going to cross-publish some entries on both Sad Salvation and Travel-Blogue. I really am not worried that I am going to put the same thing in both place. I really want Travel-Blogue to be more of a solo archive with some of its own content. I am not really sure how going to use it right now. I know that it is something that I wanted to set up.


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