There seem to be questions that I keep on asking myself over and over again.

*What does it mean to be living in the exact time in this exact place?
*What meaning does my life have?
*Where is it all going?

I know that everyone asks the questions in their lives. I know that part of the human condition is to struggle with these ideas. What worries me is how often I find myself asking these question. I think that I am asking them all the time. I never have any good answers for any of them.

I have the feeling that I am always asking them so often because of the status of my life. I ask them because I unsure about the way my life is going. I ask them because I feel that I am not going the right direction. I ask them because I do not understand my place in this world. If my life was clearer to me, I feel I would ask these questions less often. I wish my life was at a point where I would not ask them at all.


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