See You Again Project

I am turning 30 this year and I was thinking about all the people I have know in my life. They seem to roll in and out like the tide. Last weekend I ran into a woman who I had met before. Now I am reading here Live Journal everyday. Relationships always seem to happen like this. It gave an idea of a personal challenge.


Make a list of 100 people that you have know throughout your life. People that you have not seen in a while. People that you have a reasonable expectation of never seeing again. Look at that list again in a year, five years, ten years and twenty years. How many of those people have you seen again?


1. You had to be on a first name basis with them when you knew them.
2. You need to remember their first name now.
3. You had to know them for at least six months. (no one you met at a party once)
4. No more then ten people from any one place in your life (high school, college, job).
5. No one who you know has passed away.
6. No one you know was living in a foreign country.


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