St. Valentine's Day follow up

Jeremy posted a response to my State Of My Heart Address on his blog Raccoon. He told me that he wrote it after reading the State of My Heart Address. I know that he is referring to my weight when he talks about what should we change about ourselves to attract a woman. Jeremy thinks that I should loose weight if I want to find a woman to love me. I feel that If I lost weight for that reason, the woman would not know the real me. If I ever plumped up again, she would not be able to handle it.

I feel that I did not get to everything I was thinking when I wrote the State of My Heart Address. The hard part is describing the ideas that I did not get to. I know I left some of them out because my writing was better without them. They were ideas that did not seem to be coherent enough to make the paper. Other ideas seemed to be too whiny. It is hard to say how lonely you all without stepping into the realm of self pity.

There is one idea that I can write about now. It seems to me that my experence of love and relationship does not match what I see in the rest of the world. It is far from what I see in the media. It is also unlike what my friends experence. There seems to be a gultch between what I feel and the public expression of love. Jeremy said that he also experences this. I wonder if everyone experences it but cannot do anything about it.


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