25 years ago (1977)
I was in Kindergarten, Willow Dale Elementary School. I had a crush on a girl that was a Tom Boy for the time. She was left back and it was years before I saw her again.

20 years ago (1982)
It was my first year at a new school. I was going there because I had a learning disability. I was a smart kid, but I was not keeping up in class. Three years in a Catholic elementary school was not good for me. I was starting to become poorly socialized also. Being in Special Ed was not good either. I was coming in at the bottom of the social ladder at the school. It was a year of being picked on a lot.

15 years ago (1987)
I was finishing up ninth grade. It was an okay year for me. At this time I was doing well at wrestling. I was in the middle of an undefeated season. I won most of my matches by forfeit. We had a full team which most other Jr. Highs did not have. It was also the end of my Boy Scout career. I was getting too cool for that.

10 years ago (1992)
It was my second year in college. I spent a good part of the year without a roommate. I chased away four different roommates that year. I really liked having a room to myself. This was the first full semester on college radio. I dated a girl who later became a nun. This was also the year my weight started to really balloon.

5 years ago (1997)
I was kicking around my home town trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. My friends had moved to places like Tucson, San Diego, Phoenix. I was close to deciding that I wanted to move also. I just had not figured out where yet. I was working a job that was going nowhere and I knew it. I decided that moving out of town was the best thing I could do. I felt it was the only way I would get out of my Parents' house.

1 year (2001)
It is very much like today. I had the Same Job, Same Apartment, Same Friends, Same life for the most part. It was before the layoffs. It was back when I was not worried about some deciding that they did not need my department. I was just getting used to living in Downtown San Jose. I was starting to explore the city more. I found the an open mic poetry night that I would go to every Monday night. It was interesting to see. It made me want to write more. I did not like the poetry that most people were reading. I was a month away from becoming obsessed with Islam and reading everything I could about it.

One month ago
I was wasting a weekend. It was a Mission to the Moon weekend where I did not leave the apartment at all. I did nothing useful, but I did not spend any money. You have to see the good parts of these weekends.

One week ago
I went to see Rollerball because I knew it was going to be bad.

I worked, had lunch with Don, wrote in my journal, and had leftover pizza for dinner.

One hour ago
Reading e-mail and responding to livejournal posts

I took this idea for Chatty Cathy. Thank you Cathy.
Who took it from Maura.
Who took it from Emrecom


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