Travel-Blogue - Day Tripping

I was thinking about taking a day trip this weekend, but it is not going to happen. I had a party to go to tonight and I am hanging out with a friend tomorrow. These are both events that I did not want to miss and I cannot move to another time. I am not sure now when I will get a chance to do a day trip. It might be a little while. Next weekend I am on call. I could do a roadtrip while on call, but I do not want to risk it. If I miss to many calls while on call, they might have us working weekends again. It might be two or four weeks before I get the change to hit the road for a day trip.

I am thinking I want to drive down to Hearst Castle. It is one of those things I want to see while I am living in California. I have been told it is four hour drive from San Jose. That is about the drive for a good day trip. My family used to day trip to Washington DC all the time. Four hours is enough time to really hit the road, but not so long you having to stay overnight.

I have not taken a day trip in a long time. The last real day trip I took was a trip too Mount St. Helen's with my sister Kathy. That was when I lived in Portland. We left at breakfast and got back for a late dinner. It makes me wish there was someone I could take with me to Hearst Castle.


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