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I have been keeping something away from my web log. I have seriously considering driving cross country this summer. I currently have three weeks of vacation saved up. By the time the summer rolls around, I will have four weeks of vacation. I have been saving my vacation as a kind of extra severance. If I was going to get laid off, it would really help to have a couple extra weeks pay. I cannot sit on this time forever. I feel like I need a vacation. I also want to take a lot of vacation at once. I think it will straighten out my head.

I have been seriously thinking about taking a trip cross country this year. I want to take a month off and travel from San Jose to Philadelphia and back again. I drove across country once when I moved out west. I drove out here in eight days. It did not give me much time to see the country. I want to take a trip from one side of America to another. I want to chance to leave everything behind me and to hit the road. I want to drive for days on end. I want to see the land as I pass thought it. I want to take that cross country trip that everyone always talks about.

I have been thinking about this for three weeks or so and I have not written about it yet. My friend Cathy and I had talked about taking a vacation together this year. We have never been able to do this before. We had not made any plans for what we would be doing yet. I did not want here to just read on a web site that I decided to drive cross country. I felt that would be like blind siding her. I had to wait until I talked to her before I started writing about the trip.

I told her that I have been thinking about this trip. I told her my ideas and invited her to accompany on part of the trip. I knew that she would not be able to take a month off. She excepted my invitation. She had a couple of ideas about the trip. She knows that there are places I want to go and there are places I am flexible on. She wants to be on the first leg of the trip. Her plan is to fly out to San Jose and drive with me back to Philadelphia.

I think this is a really good situation. On a long trip like this, it will be nice to have someone with me part of the time. There will still be a chance for me to travel alone, but there will be a large part of the trip I will be able to share with someone. That is a very important thing. I was worried about this trip because I would not be able to share it with anyone. Now that I will be able to share much of it with Cathy, I am not worried about rushing through the trip. I know that I will be more likely to take my time. It will help me in the long run.

I have to say this trip is not 100% right now. There are a lot of details that have to be worked out. There are milestones that have to be met before we decide to take the trip. There are things that could put an end to these plans. I think it will April before we are 100% go on the trip. Right now we are 25% go. There are things that Cathy and I have to talk about and figure out. I am excited about the idea of the trip. It is something that I can really look forward to.


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