Travel-Blogue - What's Next

It looks like I will not hit the road at all until my trip to Portland at the end of March. I have been thinking about taking a long day trip, but looks like it is not going to happen. Part of the problem is that I am on call every other weekend. That cuts in half the weekends I can leave town. I do not want to not answer the on call phone. That is a way to start having to work weekend again.

The other problem is that I keep on finding things to do on my none on call weekend. I was not on call this weekend, but I was invited to go out on Saturday night. In two weekends someone is having a big party I want to go to. There will be no road trip that weekend. I think my next good weekend is my trip to Portland.

It would be nice to get a day trip in before Portland, but it is not going to happen. Portland is an important trip. It will decide if I drive cross country this summer. I know that I am putting a lot of press on what I can learn on one trip.


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