Travelogue - New Web Log

I have started this new web log just to log the movements of life and travel. I traveled very little last year. I plan to travel much more often in 2002. I want a single place to write about all my travel ideas. I am going to post some of these ideas on both Travel-Blogue and Sad Salvation. I think there are some Ideas that I am only going to post here.

I think that travel is important. It gives us the chance to see things outside of our lives. It is important to try to get away from your day to day life when you travel. I do not think people should take there work with them. Too often people cannot get away from the world that they are in. I think it gives people a small vision of the world. We have to step back from our lives and our visions of the world to really recharge.

Other people are also going to be posting on this web log. I want the people I travel with and some of the people I visit to be able to post here. I would love to see what they think about this trip. There are still a ton of things to do before I actually hit the road.


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