Future, Present, Past

Driving around Sunnyvale yesterday I saw the above words on the side of a building. The words were in neon. The building as a psychic reading/fortune teller place. As I drove around I thought about the words over and over again.

I have never really trusted psychics. I do not beleive they are real. If I was really a psychic, I would be scared to use that power. I could see myself screwing up people's lives. It is something I would not want to deal with. I would feel bad if people did the wrong thing with my infromation.

The more I thought the sign, the more I thought about the Past part of it. I think that most people go to psychics to see about the future. They want to know want is in store for them. Maybe if they know, they can do something about it. There are lots of spins on this whole idea.

I was thinking about a person going to psychics because there was one event in their life that they did not understand. One event that they did not know everything that happened. They would go to the psychic to see why it happened that way. They would go to the psychic to see why did people act that way. I do not know if people go to psychics for this reason or not. It would be an interesting device to use in a novel.


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