I have been playing the Lord Of the Rings Collectable Card Game with some friends from work. One of the guys has been creating cards for the people we work with. Here is the card he made for me

Rich Thomas, Stout CSE (TiVo Crusader) TC-3
S - 6
V - 3
Kershner Signet
This companion is S +2 while you can spot a tale (Limit +4).

"You know what I think..." Rich Thomas exclaimed. Thus, a great tale was spun, and many hours passed

Here is the card he made for himself

Steve Steele, Hapless Cronie of the Emperor TC - 2 (TiVo Crusader)
S- 4
V- 4
Jason Wong Signet
To play, spot Jason Wong or Dean DiPietro.
Maneuver: If you can spot 4 companions, remove 3 to exert every minion.

Oh was he annoying! To witness his antics among a group of peers made even the strongest enemy wretch with disdain.


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