Going Cross Country

I have been thinking about my prospective trip cross country. There are too arguments that keep running through my head.

1) I might be biting off more then I can chew.
2) If I do not do this now, I will not get the chance to do it again.

Both of these ideas are eating at me. I am not sure which one is going to win. It costs a lot of money to drive cross country. I think there might be better ways for me to spend that money. I can pay off some bills or save up for a new car. I am always spending my money this way and paying for it later.

The other side of that argument is that it is just money. A friend of my said that he spend all of his "dot.com boom" money on a boat. He has been racing the boat for the last three years. The money and the boat are gone now. He would not trade it for the world. It is the experence that is important. If I do not do this now, I will never get this experence.

Now is the right time in my life for me to do this. I am only responsible for myself. I do not have a house or a family to worry about. I am the only person that can be effected by a bad decision. I should just relax. If it is too much money, I will make up for it later.

I will decide after my trip to Portland. It depends how that goes. It is my test for driving cross country.


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