Travel Notes 3/30/02

I went to sleep early last night. I was tired because I did not get much sleep for the three nights before that. I was almost falling asleep during the movie and during dinner. I did not have any plans. I knew that if I just kept drinking, I might get in a bad position. While this is a drinking vacation, I want to avoid being in a bad way about it.

Figuring out Portland

I have been having a great time in Portland. Everything seems great as I go around this town. I am asking myself why don't I live here right now. The problem is that I know I had problems with this town when I was here. I was happy to leave Portland. I am trying to remember why that was. If I do not remember why, I could get myself into trouble. If I do not see the down sides of Portland, I will pine for it. I will try to line up my return and that will be trouble.

I know that one of my problems is that I had problems finding a job I wanted. I temped two places. I know that I could have put in more time, but there are a lot better jobs in San Jose. There has to be something said for that.

I know it was something else also. I know that there are other things that where were wrong when I left. I have to figure those things out on this trip. Right now I cannot remember what those things were. I need to know what will give me problems if I come back here.

Random Roads

  • MP3 Player/laptop combination is great for vacation.
  • I drank 6 pints of beer today.
  • I am seeing a lot of building around town built in 1912. That must have been a big year in Portland.
  • I did not see a movie today.
  • I keep on thinking someone is going to mug me today.
  • Personal Pub Crawl, Draft at Shooter McQuades, Two Drafts at Kelly's Olympian, Two Drafts at Ringlers
  • I stole the 'history' card from Kelly's Olympian and turned into a letter for Jeremy
  • if I lived in Portland, I would try to drink in every bar in the city
  • Trying to remember the bad things about Portland
  • Shopped a lot today, Portland Saturday Market, Odd-Ball Shoes, Powells, Everyday Music, and Ground Kontrol.
  • Got Gifts for Mom, Kathy, and Alice at the Portland Saturday Market.
  • My ethics are untested
  • Portland seems larger then San Jose, but fewer people live in Portland
  • At Powells I talked chess and Deep Blue with a bunch of guys.
  • At Powells I bought coffee for a woman who did not have any money.
  • Rode the Max today. I love mass light rail.
  • Time Flies by when you are on vacation.
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