Tuesday too

Tuesday Too

1.) Is there someone in your life who is or was your mentor? How did this person influence your life?
I am not a mentor person. I am more of a confidante person. I look for people to bounce ideas off of. I have a good idea of what's in my head, but telling someone is a good reality check.

2.) What do you consider one of the biggest problems facing you as an individual?
Knowing what directions my life is going. This seems to be the root of most of my problem. I cannot see my future, so I never plan for it. That lack of planning hurts when it comes to other things. After that, procrastination if my biggest problem.

3.) What's your favorite movie and why?
Casablanca - Rick could do whatever he wants. He could have the girl, he could leave town, he could turn both of them in to the bad guys. He does the right thing. It is an amazing movie that people love. Lots of people love it, but it could never be made again.


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