Tuesday Too

1.) Lucid dreaming is operationally defined as knowing that you are dreaming while you're dreaming. Does dreaming (lucid or ordinary) play a significant role in your life? Are you a lucid dreamer? I keep a dream journal and I have always found dreams to be important to me. I am never quite sure what my dreams mean, but I am never shy about telling people my dreams. I am not a lucid dreamer.

2.) If you are a survivor of a failed relationship, can you tell me one reason you're glad the relationship is over? It doesn't matter if you're the "leavee" or the "leaver". I have been single for as long as most people can remember. It is long enough ago that I cannot answer this question.

3.) You have been selected to put one thing in a ship that travels to far end of universe (god knows where that is). What do you put in and why? I would put on a copy of my journal/weblog. I think they might want to see how an average person lives.


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