What I learned about Portland

My first few days in Portland, I had a great time. Everything was just right. It almost seemed like too good of a time. I was remembering the best of Portland. I was not remembering the problems I had with the city. I could remember that I was happy to leave for Portland. I was afraid that I was not going to remember why I was happy to leave.

After a couple of days on my own, I started to get some ideas about Portland. I think Portland is a great city when you are in a relationship. It is a great city when you have a lot of friends around. It is a great city when you are clicking in your social aspects. It is a really rough city when you are alone.

Everyone seems to know everyone else and you know none of them. It is like they have all been friends for years. They great each other and you have the feeling they have great connections. The people are nice, but they look you like you are intruding if you try to talk to them. I am bad in those situations to begin with. I have a hard time breaking though that wall.

I would say San Jose is an easier place to be alone that Portland. I do not see people all around me that seem to be having such a great connection. Most of the people I run into in San Jose do not seem like they have the world under control. It makes it easier to deal with the doubts of my life. I do not want to fell like everyone else has all the answers but me.

Maybe I should make the list of all the cities I would live in. It would be a good list because I would have to think about why I like all these cities. I think it would be good to put these ideas down on paper.


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