Espresso Machine Etiquette

Like many high tech companies we have our own espresso machines. I think this is all a little funny. It is one thing to need a cup of coffee everyday. I think it is totally silly to need a latte mocha every morning. I think it underlies a bigger problem in America. Just in case you want to know. Here are the rules that were e-mailed out today. I guess some people do not follow the rules. I hope you enjoy these rules.

Sorry for the mail, but after the umpteenth time of needing to clean one of the espresso machines before using it, I thought it
was time for a refresher on the use of the espresso machines.

There are a set of rules posted on the cabinets above each machine. I'm not going to cover all of them here, so please read
them. A couple of the items that I want to stress are:

  • When you are finished, clean the machine
  • If you've steamed milk, wet a paper towel with hot water and wipe the nozzle off. Please don't use the same sponge that is used to wipe down the sink and counter, as it can be a bit "nasty".
  • After you remove the grounds container, press the button with the star on it to rinse the old grounds off the water outlet. When the water runs clean, press the button again to stop the flow.
  • Wipe down the machine
  • When you close the valves for either the hot water or steam nozzle, you don't need to close them tightly. Both of them use a clutch mechanism to open and close the valve. If you turn it tightly, you can actually damage the valve and we'll need to get it repaired. All you need to do is turn it until the water or steam stops flowing. There should still be "play" in the knob.

    Thank you in advance for following the rules of espresso machine etiquette

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