How Nice Am I?

(or Another Conflicting message about what it means to be a Man)

There is a Therapist in Seattle that says that nice guys are just wimps that are not good for society. It is the same old story about how men are not taught to be tough anymore. Of course this guy is welling to tell us all about it in his new book, No More Mr. Nice Guy! Dr. Glover wants me to get in touch with my 'Inner Asshole.'

Here is the point where I make my sad admission. He talks about how nice guys do not get anywhere with women. If they do get somewhere, they do not build good relationships. I have always been a 'nice guy' and I never get anywhere with women. He might have a point here.

For the most part, few people I know have a problem being and asshole. I think that we need to teach people what it means to be a man. I think it is more then just power and machismo. It is about responsibility and pride. It is about having a place in this world that you help make and maintain. I feel that people on both sides of the masculinity debate are wrong.


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