Questions about a book I bought

While I was in Portland, one of the books I bought was a copy of The Qur'an. (Side note, I feel like I have to put 'a copy of' before the Qur'an. I feel that if I wrote 'I bought the Qur'an' would would be making a statement that was too large and over arching. just a thought, not back to what I was writing) I have not really looked at this copy of the Qur'an since I got back from Portland. It have been sitting right next to my desk the whole time. I look at it from time to time, but I have not really cracked it open.

I bought this copy of the Qur'an used. It strikes me funny that I could buy a copy of the Qur'an used. It does not seem like the kind of book that people get rid of. I have to say I have no idea what kind of people buy the Qur'an. But I would think that most of the people that buy it are serous about it. I cannot see a Muslim sell a copy back to a used book store.

I can see what types of people would sell the Qur'an back to a book store. The copy I purchased makes me think it is a version that might be used in a college class. It could have been some one who got it from a friend who was trying to convert them. It could have just been a person trying to better understand the worlds fastest growing religion. I could see people selling the book back for any for these reasons.

I am not sure if I fit into any of these This copy of the Qur'an is in almost perfect condition. There is only one mark or note I can find anywhere on the book. The index page for the Five Pillars is dog-eared. I wonder if the person who had it even read it at all. I have not made the time to start reading it. It is just like almost all of the books I have purchased in the last two and a half years. I wonder if the person sold it back because they never had a chance to read it.


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