Searching for Meaning

I love looking to how people are finding my web site with a search engine. I like the idea that someone is just tripping across my site is great. It seems to be one of the biggest ways people get to my site.

Below are a bunch of search words that different people used to find my site. The funny thing is, I do not think my site is about most of these things. Sad Salvation has little to nothing to do with these things. It I was looking for these things and found sad salvation I would be pretty depressed. I am not sure what searches should pull up my site. Maybe people looking for something like Sad Salvation are not finding it.

One question - What search words should find my site. It you tell me, I will add them to my site?

lyrics "nothing going to break my stride" (2) or Music "nothing going to break my stride" or "ain't nothing going to break my stride" song
"raymond carver the cathedral" or "cathedral + carver" or "Cathedral" by Carver or
read full story of cathedral by raymond carver
picture of sad faces
pitcher of happy and sad faces
edward hooper nighthawks or Nighthawks, hooper
the unspoken language with women
"patty herst"
playmate centerfolds (3)
"wedding skits" and "wedding skits" and hillbilly wedding skits
break up very sad sad card
saturday market in Portand
sad drink drive
etymology of the word raccoon
lyrics- system of a down, suger
lewis & clark brew
"terrorism and drug money"
"Molly Ringwald dance"
"famous divorces"
the marrymakers
ulgy Big Car
What does GWAR stand for
netural milk hotel

Once in Turkish, I think...+hope +sad +love +sea
and once in German aim buddy buddies magic the gathering
I think this is Russian De Sad


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