I got up today around 10 AM. I am still working on a West Coast schedule. Since I am only here for a week I think I am going to keep to it. I had lunch with Aaron today. He is man that I think I will always stay friends with forever. We instantly reconnect whenever we see each other.

Aaron and I talked about a lot of things. He has recently joined the sales force at Ficomp. I think this is a great move for him. I could always see him as a salesman. I think he has that certain something that makes a good salesman. He is that kind of salesman "guy." The kind of guy that other guys like. I could always see him as a car salesman.

Aaron and I talked about his relationship. I cannot even begin to describe this conversation. As many times as I expect I have heard it all when it comes to relationships, I always here something new. He told me a very good story that I cannot retell here. The story ended with him showing me an engagement ring he had just bought, unsure what was going to happen to it.

I had one real piece of advice for Aaron, don't waste time hedging bets. We all make enough mistakes as it is. We should not waste our time trying to play a bet and the hedge also. It is one thing if we make a mistake doing something with all your heart. We can say that is what life is all about. Aaron really understood the idea of hedging bets. He said he had done it too often.

After lunch with Aaron I went down to my old comic book store. George was at the store. George owns the store and I had wasted many hours of my youth and post college days just standing in the comic book store talking to George. George looks like a genius compared to all the comic books stores that went out of business. He had some ideas about how to run a business.

It was great to talk to George, but we do not connect the way we used to. Our lives have really gone two different directions. I think I could connect with him if I lived in the Philadelphia area. There are a lot of people in that category. We have not been able to keep up a friendship over a distance. I feel we could be friends if I lived in the same city. We still had a level of connection when we talked about sports and comic books.

After that I had dinner with my sister Alice. I try to make an effort to see my sisters in a more one on one setting. It is hard to do because I am only home for a couple of days. Sometimes I feel that Alice and I do not know each other as well as we should. Alice is different in a solo setting then a family setting. I get to see a different side of her when it is just the two of us.

After dinner I went out with Dave Crowley. Dave is one of my oldest friends. I have know Dave since second grade. Dave and I went to hang out at the bowling alley. John Coyle is currently working at the bar in the Thunderbird Lanes. The is the bowling alley that is right across the street from my parents' development. It was great to hang out with John and Dave. It has been forever since I have seen them. I try to see Dave every time I come home. I only see John every once in a while.

It I was not feeling old enough turning 30, John's little sister was there. When I think of John's sister, I think of a little girl playing with dolls. John's little sister is now a beautiful woman. She is turning 21 next week. I do not even feel bad about thinking she is hot. It just makes me feel old.

Dave and I got in a game while we were at the bowling alley. It was the first time since I left college that I broke 100. I choked on the last frame and Dave beat my by 5 pins. Dave and I had a fun time. I wish I had the chance to see him more often.

I would have to say this was another great day. It was a long day, but that is what vacation is all about.


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