An e-mail message received from Miss Angela-la-la. I laughed so hard at this I thought I was going to bust a gut.

I randomly clicked on one of the links in Sad Salvation this morning to translate it.. i translated it into Portugese, then German, then back to English. It's beautiful ;).

"Purchase of the RECORD of DIGITAL
I that bitching always on, as is not no good memory of the writing in San Jose there....
Bark and Sebastian - it folds its hands child, you go as a agricultural worker
Crows that children in the flower count - (boat-put)"

"I think of that the maize in the column is my food of the favorite person or thing."

"I explained my to nut/mother, that I came to house, because nobody me cozeu a cake, since that I I moved myself of the west. He said that she was fortunate to cook a cake for me."

"Visited Jeremy, average friend Jeff of the mountain range marries it. It is resembled Mrs. Carro To say had I deep feeling for it and rebuffed."

"In the past I would die with a woman and I never had a probability with the woman of outset."

"Today I ate Kathy with my sister today to the noon. I taste of the proximity, that I have with Kathy."

It's beautiful poetry, really.



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