Wanting to Write

I am not tired enough to sleep but I cannot think well enough to write. I am in an in-between state. I have spent most of my days watching TV and DVDs. I have only used my computer to check e-mail and play music. I have not even thought about sitting down and writing. It has truly been a lazy Saturday

Now I am trying to write something. I am trying to get some ideas out of my head. I have the feeling that deep down I really have something to get to. It just does not want to come to me. I have no way of really retrieving that idea. I cannot even verbalize it. It is totally escaping my ability to describe it. It is this huge balloon in my brain, but I cannot pop it.

So instead I am working on my bills in Quicken. It is something that needs less concentration, but I have been ignoring just as much. I do not see it as wasted time, but I will see it as a wasted idea. I know that I will never get it out of my mind.


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