Travel Notes Sunday August 28, 2002


Sometimes I am not always proud of my goals. On Saturday I meet Beth, the wedding coordinator. Steve, my long time friend from PA, is getting married in October. He asked me to be in the wedding. La, Steve's fiancee, asked her friend to be her wedding coordinator. This is a hobby for Beth, so she was happy to help out. Since I got here, Beth has been around helping LA with the wedding planning.

La had told me that Beth had an interest in our friend Gerry. Gerry was not interested in Beth. I find Beth attractive and I wonder what Gerry did not see in her.

At this point at almost seems like a challenge to me. I wonder if I could get Beth interested in me. The obvious problem is that I live 400 miles away. I just want to know if I can pick up a girl that Gerry rejected. I wonder what Gerry would do. I want to see if I have that kind of pull. I know this is not how I should approach life or women. I just wonder if I could do it.

(Note: I did not see Beth again after I took these notes. I did not get the chance to put any plans in action. I did not say anything to La either. I guess there will be no plans to put into action at the wedding.)

Wedding Plans

I good chunk of today was spent looking at tuxedos for the wedding. I am always amazed at how wedding are such productions. I understand that everyone wants to have their big day. I think that people have a tendency to overdo weddings. Steve and La are having a small wedding and there are still so many things they have to do. I wonder if it has always been this way. I cannot see my parents spending this much time or money on their wedding back in the 50's.

On the other hand I have other friends that are very critical of people weddings. She tells me how some of the weddings she goes to are "low class." All of this stuff seems silly to me. I wonder how I would react. I think that ice sculptures are silly. I wonder how many other things I would try to reject.

A couple of my friends have decided to get married in Europe. It is not like eloping, because they made plans a year in advance and told everyone about them. They just did not want to have to deal with the big wedding. The more I see, the more that idea appeals to me.

Wedding Gift

I bought Steve and La a TiVo as a wedding gift. I thought that I should get Steve a very good wedding gift. He has always been a generous person with me. He has been open in both body and spirit. I really wanted to get him something special. I think that he will really like it. Most people do not realize it how much they will like it until they us one.


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