Part of my heart will always be in Portland

A couple of friends of mine are headed up to Portland. The asked me for some ideas. This is my ten cent travel guide to Portland. There are a lot of things I left out, but this is the short list.

You have to go to the Portland Saturday Market under the west side of the Burnside Bridge. They have it on Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

Portland has my favorite Book stores and record stores in the world. You have to visit Powells books. It is part of what Portland is. Near Powells is Everyday Music and Djangos. Everyday music has a lot of great used stuff. Djangos is a place that I always found odd things.

Personally I can spend hours just sitting in Pioneer Courthouse Square. It is in the middle of downtown. It is the perfect place to go and watch the city go by.

I like to hang out on Hawthorne. There are lots of great coffee houses, bars, and restaurants there. The Bagdad is a Movie Thearter/Brewhouse. Bad movies can be good after two pitchers of beer. Check out Jackpot Records while you are on Hawthorne.

When I lived in Portland, I always took people to the Kennedy school. It is a little far from downtown, but it is worth it. There is something very Portland about the place. It is relaxing and odd.

Make sure you eat at least one meal at a McMenamins Restaurant. The food is just okay, but the beer is great the atmosphere is really great.

Portland is about drinking coffee and beer and watching the world go by. Tell me if you want any other pointers.


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