Seeing Women

Seeing women

So I met a woman at Eric's party on Saturday. At the end of the party I asked her if I could have her phone number. She told me to get the address from the host. I gave the host my e-mail address in hopes it will get to this woman. I am not sure if I was getting blown off or not. In any case, I have done everything I can do.

Another woman I just met wrote this to me; You give off the vibe that if a girl of any vague attractiveness is nice to you at all, you'll fall in love with her.

There is something that really disturbs me about this. I do not think she hit the nail on the head, but she is close enough that it bothers me. It is not that I will fall in love with any woman that pays attention to me. It is that I want to get close to any woman I feel a connection with. I feel so far away from women in the first place. I do not want to let chances go by with the interesting ones.

I have to think about this whole idea. It says a volumes about the way I few my life and my loneliness. I have to figure out what it means or I might miss how to fix this.


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