Too Many Things Unsaid

There have been so many things in my head in the last couple of weeks. They have started to cause a log jam. I look at my computer and do not know which one to write about first. I do not know what is the right way to go. I look at the screen and just draw a blank. There are so many directions to go, I go nowhere. The ideas go unformed.

I have also been trying to live my life. I have been trying to engage more people here in San Jose. I have been spending time trying to get to know people around here. Much of my time on my computer has been spent in instant message conversations. I am trying not to be alone as much. If I am not alone, I cannot write.

Maybe I need to stop going on vacation. Every time I go on vacation, my blog seems to go to hell. I seem to let it fade away while I work on other things. When I come back the whole seems too large. When the whole is that large, things seem to fall apart.

It is time for a clean start. You will see some back dated entries over the course of this week. I will also work to update Sad Salvation everyday this week. I have to see if my readers will come back or not.


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