Company Picnic

We just had our company picnic. I know that most companies have these picnics in the summer, but we are not like most companies. It is strange that we had our company picnic on a Thursday. Most times you have them on the weekend. It was also strange that we did not have any beer at our picnic. TiVo parties are usually good for a couple of beers. It had to do with the park we had it.

One of our VPs started a wiffle ball game. A lot of the people who played in this game were at the executive level of the company. It was fun, but odd. The game was very competitive. The executives really wanted their team to win. There was also a lot of trash talking going on. It was odd to me because I do not interact with the executives all that often. Many of them know me, but I do not feel like I have any relationship with most of them.

The game got rough after a few innings. There was base stealing in wiffle ball. That is really unheard of. There were even a few collisions at the plate. I am surprised that no one got hurt. If someone did, it would have been a company event no one would ever forget.

The best thing about this picnic was that people had the chance to lighten up. People do not get that chance often enough. I think that these moments are key top keeping TiVo the kind of company we love. I wonder how long these events will last.


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