Lost in the comic book store

I was in a comic book store on Saturday. It is the first time in months I have been in a comic book store. It is the first time I have thought about comics since I came home from the San Diego Comic Book Convention. I ended up buying copies of Reinventing Comics and Dark Knight 2 Issue 3. Dark Night 2 might be one of the biggest disappointments in the history of comics. I have to wonder what Frank Miller was thinking. This idea was not any good.

What struck me is that I was walking around that store for an hour and I had no idea what was worth reading. Everything I picked up seemed to be weaker then the next thing. There is something in my heart that loves comics. The pictures and ideas just pull me in. The problem is I have no way to tell what is worth my time. If you have any ideas please tell me. I would love to read something that brings me that special comic book joy.


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