To quote Sonic Youth

"All The Money's Gone, All The Money's Gone"

Well, it is not really that bad. There is still some money left. I am not living out on the street. I am not crying on the phone to my father or moving out of San Jose. I still have a job and an honest way to get more money. There is still money to be had.

It is just that I have worked my way through my moving fund. The slush fund had turned back to ice. I have to now live by the plans I made so I could move into this apartment. That means not eating breakfast out every morning. It means fewer meals out. It means fewer DVDs and CDs. It means that I need to buy things for my apartment as part of my normal budget. It means fewer trips to the ATM and fewer reasons for trips to the ATM. I have to watch the way I spend my money.

To kick this off, Monday I took $150 worth of merchandise back to Fry's. I did not need the stuff and I knew I was not going to get good use out of it. I just need to be able to stick to my plan. It is the sticking to it that has always hurt me in the past. Have to work harder this time.


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