Travel Notes 10/24/02

Bachelor Party...Sort of

Yesterday was had Steve's Bachelor Party. Bachelor party might be too strong of a word for it. First we went to Hooters. We just had drinks and some dinner. The place was packed because the World Series game was on. Most of Steve's co-workers are rooting for the Angels. Steve is not the stripper, wild night on the town sort of guy. I am not surprised we did this.

I am not a really big fan Hooters (but they do have really good hot wings). It reminds me a little too much of a strip club. I have a problem with women who are being nice to me for money. The Hooters waitress seem to fall into this category. It one of those things that make me feel like a loser.

One of Steve's co-workers was rating the waitresses. He asked me which one I liked the best. There was our head waitress who was blonde and flighty, the leggy Brunet, the College Girl Redhead, the athletic blond and the Slick Jet Black woman. I told him that I liked our waitress. The had this little giggle. It was cute in the context of Hooters. It is not something I would like in the rest of the world.

Leaving the restaurant the College Girl Redhead needed a jump start. Everyone was looking around for jumper cables. If I lived down in San Diego I would have jumped on this opportunity. I would have given the girl a hand and my phone number. I was surprised more of the guys did not take the opportunity.

After Hooters we went to Dave & Busters. I guess that is a real geek bachelor party. We played video games for hours. We even played skee ball. There is something about Skee Ball that will always remind me of West Point Park and Jason Weston. It was the perfect bachelor party for Steve. I heard that La had a wild bachelorette party.

Staying with Gerry

I have taken over Gerry's dinning room for my computer. When I sit at my computer I want to write, but I spend too much time reading. There are too many web pages that I have fallen behind on. When I do write I am catching up on e-mail. I want to write more, but my focus is off. That is the problem about being on vacation. I hope that Gerry does not mind the take over of his dinning room.

I have been listening to the Halo Benders a lot this week. There is something about this band. Once I hear their songs, I cannot get them out of my head.


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