Travel Notes 10/27/02

Trips to San Diego

Every time I visit San Diego I think my view of this place changes. This is my fifth trip to San Diego. The trips have been spaced over the last five years. That whole time Steve and Gerry have been living here. In that time it has always held part of my mind. It has always been somewhere that I would like to live, somewhere I have been scared to live, and somewhere I thought I was destined to live.

I look at San Diego and compare it to San Jose. In San Diego there is a cocoon of tight friends, a nice city, and a support system. I know that I can count on my friends in San Diego. In San Jose I have a wider range of friends, a job I like, and more business contacts. I think it might be hard for me to find a job I like in San Diego.

I am afraid that Steve and Gerry will be my only friends if I lived in San Diego. I am afraid that I would always work jobs I hate and I would have to start over from the bottom. I am afraid that I am not seeing all the things about San Diego that I would dislike. I know everything about San Jose that I dislike and I am willing to live with those things for now.

There is still a chance I would leave San Jose sometime soon. If I lost my job and there were no good signs I could find another one, I would hit the road. I think San Diego would be at the top of the list of places I would move. I am not sure where San Diego is on the list of cities I would like to live next. I think it has slipped a spot or two after this trip.


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