Host notes 11/22/02

Dinner with Gerry's college people

I just got home from a bad day a work. It was actually going pretty well until the last 20 minutes. All hell broke lose. I got it mostly under control by the time we left for dinner. The work drama made me not want to go out to eat. Gerry twice offered to his someone with a baseball bat for me. This really helped. It got me in the mood to go out.

I am happy that I went out. I had meet a couple of these people before. They are cool. There are always interesting conversations going on. Yea, they talk about a lot of people I know nothing about, but it is not bad. It is interesting to see how much you can learn about someone in a short period of time.

We had dinner at Habana Cuba. It is a good restaurant in San Jose. The food was great. I have never eaten Cuban food before. I will have to take some other friends there.

After dinner we went to an English pub. There seems to be a lot of English pubs in Silicon Valley. It seems kind of odd. We spent an hour playing Liars Dice. It was a really fun game. You can learn things about people by watching them play this game.

I am happy that Gerry was here and that we went out with his friends. If I was left alone tonight, I would have been in a bad mood the whole time. That black cloud would have hung over me. Going out puts it in prospective. It is only work after all.


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