Portland Day

Today marks the forth anniversary of me moving from Warminster, PA to Portland, OR. It was the beginning of my West Coast adventure. I moved to Portland and I did not know anyone there, I did not have a place to live, and I did not have a job. All I had was a little money squirrelled. It proved to me that I can survive with out any support from other people. I know how to make my way through this world. Before I got to Portland I was afraid that I would just get depressed and shutdown at some time. I was afraid that I would not know how to face challanges when things got tough. I have been depressed a couple of times, but I have never shutdown.

This is how my time brakes down:

  • Four Years since I left Warminster and got to Portland
  • Three Years at TiVo and In San Jose
  • Two Years in my apartment building in Downtown San Jose

    All of these things happened close to the same time each year.

    I archived me highest level objective. I wanted to live someplace else in the country and say that I understand that place. I wanted my life to have been bigger then the Philadelphia area. I can say that I have lived a couple of places that I understand something about.

    I am still very happy that I moved out west. I am still convinced that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Time just moved without us having any say in it. I am not sure where those four years went. I know that I am happy that I spent that time out here, not telling myself that I am going to leave Warminster someday. I never planned to live in San Jose. It was not on my list of places to move. I am still happy that I my life has taken this turn. Who knows what it will be like next year.

    Happy Portland Day .
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