Shorter Days

We are in the time of year when it gets dark sooner. If I stay at work until 6 PM, it is really dark when I get to my car. It makes me think that it is the middle of the night. I feel that time has just passed me by.

I actually feel a little depressed when I get out of work and it is this dark. I just feel like the world is moving faster then am ready for. I want to go to sleep right after I get home. I have no energy to get out into the world. I just want to go home and curl up.

I never noticed being this way before. Maybe it was different when I was on the East Coast. It was not only dark, but cold also. I know that has a different feeling to it. The cold was right for the darkness. I miss that cold some of the time. The dark seems out of context without it.

The shortest day of the year is only a few weeks away. I know that I will be make it through with out too much pain. I just need to not waste these early evenings. I tend to have the feeling that my time has passed me by before it has even ticked off the clock.


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