I think you can learn a lot about people by listening to them talk about music. It is not just what songs are important to them, but it is why they like those songs. It is what excites them about the music they love. I think you might be able to know me just through writing about music and have a good idea about who I am.

I am stilling this idea from my friend Richard. Big Bully's Song Of The Day has not be regular in quite some time. I feel that it is okay for me to just rip this idea off from him. I have friends all over the country. I miss just listening to music with them. There is something special in sharing a song with a person that you think also love the song. Maybe this is a way we can bridge that gap.

I believe in Fair Use. I believe that I should be able to post these songs on my site because they are cultural ideas. I would even say that I am promoting this bands, not hurting them. If you want to send me a cease and desist order, have fun. Until then I will be posting away.


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