As Real As A Gun

When I first hear Shoot Out The Lights, I thought it was about Linda and Richard Thompson's relationship. This is the title track of an album that has an amazing cover. The picture just speaks of a conflict between a married couple. Many of the review I had read of this album that talk about that conflict. It was the last album they made together.

A few years ago I heard and interview with Richard Thompson. He said that the song was about a child in Afghanistan trying to hide from Soviet tanks. It was based off a story that he heard. I have been thinking about this song lately because the happenings in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. The cycles of these things never stop. It makes me sad how the song could be written again and still be current.

In the end, this song is about both the conflict between a single married couple and the conflict of war. I like that a song can hold both those contexts at once.

Song: Shoot Out The Lights

Artist: Linda and Richard Thompson

Album: Shoot Out The Lights


Keep the blind down on the window

Keep the pain on the inside

Just watching the dark


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