Journal v. Weblog

The other day I was thinking about why I keep a weblog and what it means to me. I was trying to describe the idea of the life you do not know you are having. It is an idea that made up the original forward to my journal. I think we all have lives we cannot see from where we are right now. We can only see that life if we capture the small moments of our lives.

Writing a weblog and writing a journal are two very different ideas. There are lots of things that I would write about in a journal that I would not touch on this weblog. There are interactions with people that I used to write about all the time. Now I do not write about them at all. That means I am not taking as much time in my head to sort those idea out. I am not thinking about those relationship enough. I am not trying to bring them into context in my journal.

I wonder if this as any effect on these relationships. I wonder if anyone would notice at all. No one in this city knew me well when I was keeping a journal all the time. I do not talk all that much with my friends out of town. This change happened without anyone to notice.

I wish I had what it took to keep an journal and a weblog at the same time. I cannot do both and keep any real level of social sanity in my life. I might be able to do it if I did not watch as much television. There would be an emotional commitment to both that I am not sure I could make.

For not I will keep the weblog. I think there are still ideas here that I could write better. I want to make Sad Salvation better before I think about moving past it. I think I really need to achieve something here.


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