Thoughts of Love IV

Gerry says, "It should be easier for us now."

I have know Gerry almost all my life. We have been friends though grade school, boy scouts, high school, college, post college, and into our 'real' lives. I can say that I have know him a long time. Neither of us have a long history of great relationships.

He thinks that we have there upper hand now that we have passed 30. There are fewer and fewer available men out there. We are going to start looking better and better as we get older.

I am not sure I believe that. It might be true for Gerry. I think that he is at his peek at 30. He is in better shape then ever before in his life, Condo near the beach, and has some cash to kick around. I am not sure that my appeal is on the same level as that.

I hope that Gerry is right. I want to be seen as a better catch now that I was in the past. I just do not know if women will see it that way. I just wish I had a good way to figure it out.


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