Time and Expectations

I realized today that I have been pushing myself pretty hard toward Christmas and New Years. I have been focusing on them for the most part. It is like I am driving to a big goal, but there is no real goal there. I realize I might be heading for a let down.

I am going back to Philadelphia and my family for New Years. I will only be gone for a week. It is not a big vacation. It is just a short holiday trip home. It is not like I will be getting away from the job for a long time.

There is part of New Year's that always seems like a rebirth to me. There is a little time when everything is just a little new. In a week or two that settles down. That might be what I am pushing towards.

I am just worried that I will get back from my trip and I will hit the doldrums of the winter pretty hard. I am afriad that I have been building things up too much and not I will be let down. I am not sure I have any good ideas for this.


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