Travel Notes 12/29/02

Tonight was the big family dinner for the trip. Mom likes to get everyone together on Sunday when I am home. It seems like the best day to get everyone together. It was a lot of fun. I gave the family some TiVo swag I bought. I wanted it to be like souvenirs.

It was cool because everyone was there. I love seeing my family interact. It reminds me that I am part of something larger the myself.

Charlie was the center of attention most of the night. That is to be expected. He is the only grandchild around most of the time. I can see why his aunts are always all over him. It makes me a little jealous. My sisters get to be a big part of his life. I am someone he has only seen a couple of times. I am not there while he is getting bigger. Everytime I come home I have to work up to holding him. It takes a few days before he will get close to me. That is the price I pay for living so far away.

After dinner I really felt jealous of my sisters. They seem very close. They get to see each other all the time. They all seem to have very adult relationships with each other.

  • Went out with Jeremy after dinner.
  • We hung out for 5 hours.
  • We both talked about what it would take for us to move back to Philadelphia.
  • We talked about everything from music to what we think of our web logs.
  • I paid Jeremy $60 to redesign Sad Salvation.
  • It is always cool to drive around Warminster.
  • I do not get to do this with Jeremy often enough.

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