Travel Notes 12/31/02

  • It is the first time in a long time I have closed a bar. We had 5 pitchers of beer between four guys.
  • Went to the Eagle Dinner two days in a row. The hostest looked at me like I am becoming a regular
  • Got in really late
  • Spent the day with Cathy
  • Lunch at the Pub in Jersey. It is right on the other side of the Ben Franklin Bridge. It is a trippy place.
  • Went Used CD Shopping and bought Richard Thompson - Mirror Blue, Michael Penn - Free-For-All, Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day, Phish - Billy Breathes
  • Saw "Catch Me if You Can"
  • Dinner at Charles' Place in Chinatown
  • Did not feel well and I went home early.
  • Got home before midnight

    Tonight did not happen as I planned, but few things in my life do. It is just part of life.

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