New Year Resolution Blues

It is time to find out how well I did on last year's New Year's Resolutions.

New Years Resolution - # 1

I resolve to clean up and organize my apartment and keep it until the end of 2002.

Result: Archived (sort of)! I moved in September. From January to September, my apartment was really a mess. Since I moved I have been able keep my apartment clean. I will take this as a win.

New Years Resolution - # 2

I resolve to finish 100 pages of a novel by the end of the year.

Result: Failed! I did not write any pages of a novel in 2002. Almost all of my writing went into this blog.

New Years Resolution - # 3

I resolve to write a letter to everyone I am in regular contact with in the next 12 months.

Result: Failed! I think I wrote a total of three letters last year.

New Years Resolution - # 4

I resolve to be more careful with the way I spend cash.

Result: Failed! I spent money like a drunken sailor for most of the year. My cash flowed out of my pockets like water.

New Years Resolution - # 5

I resolve to ** ** **** ** *** **** *** ** **** **** *** ***** ***.

Result: Unknown! I have not been keeping track of this. My guess is that I did not archive my goal, but I do not really know.

New Years Resolution - # 6

I resolve to try to make San Jose more of a home

Result: Archived! My new apartment, Hanging out with Eric, going to Live Journal and Blogger meetups have been part of making San Jose more of a home to me. It has been working. I need to carry on this year.

New Years Resolution - # 7

I resolve to waste less time doing nothing.

Result: Failed! I spent just as much time in 2002 watching TV and sitting around my apartment.

Overall Results 2-4-1

That is not too bad. I thought I had failed on all seven. That is better then most the people I know do. I feel encouraged to make more resolutions.

2003 Resolution #1

Host at least 25 poker nights this year.

2003 Resolution #2

Put at least 10 hours a week into my web logs.

2003 Resolution #3

By the end of the year have a plan for the 5 years of my life.

2003 Resolution #4

Give out 100 Mix CDs.


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