Super Karate Monkey Fist Guest DJ Week

With Guess DJ Cathy Heard

Song #7


Ok. So All Music actually says that "Ding a Dong" ruins a collection of Dutch hits ("The CD is tainted, though, by a rather annoying disco-oriented cut which received little airplay in America: "Ding a Dong" (Teach In).") What do they know? No sense of humor. Teach-In won the 1975 Eurovision contest for this semi-ABBA ripoff that is significant for being even dumber than any ABBA song. I guess the song is about masturbation. ("Ding a dong every hour even when you're lover is gone gone gone..." What do *you* think?), but it's hard to say given the group's broken English. When I joined the drag/improv/burlesque troupe Dumpsta Players (, this was a song that was played every night in the post show dance party due to Ricky's Eurovision obsession. It quickly became a song all of us mp3-downloading fools *had* to have. It's that addictive.

Song: Ding a Dong

Band: Teach-In

Album: Dutch Treats


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