Super Karate Monkey Fist Guest DJ Week

With Guess DJ Cathy Heard


You'd think that as someone who DJs picking out seven songs to share with people would be really easy, but the opposite was true. Too many choices. Too many possible themes. I just decided to go really simple - pick out seven songs that other people introduced me to that really shaped my taste now. Over the next seven days they will be posted in the chronological order they were introduced to me.

[Song #1]


My mother might not have the best musical taste in the world, but rather than rejecting her cheese I've embraced it. My mom loves few groups more than The Carpenters. For me they are the best combination of the musical equivalent of comfort food, skill (come on... the production quality... Karen's voice... amazing, stuff) and are significant for being one of the first soft rock groups that even as a child I noticed had an (unintentional?) dark side. This might be the only vaguely slutty song Karen's ever sung. This groupie love song was originally performed by Bette Midler, and when The Carpenters reinterpreted it, lyrics had to be changed to prevent tarnishing Karen's sweetheart image. Allegedly the lyric "I can hardly wait to be with you again" was originally "I can hardly wait to sleep with you again".

Song: Superstar

Band: The Carpenters

Album: The Singles (1969-1973)


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