Private Life of A Blogger Pt 2

The woman I mentioned earlier now reading Sad Salvation. I invited her to read it. We have talked about truth and honesty. To be honest you really need the other person to know the whole truth. I am making a full effort to share things with her. Part of that full effort was telling her about Sad Salvation.

One issue is now she has an advantage. She just learned a lot about me. More then I have learned about her so far. I know that I will have to work hard to find out some of those things about here.

The other issue is her reading something that I do not remember writing. This might lead her to assume something about me that I do not have in my head currently. She might think of me in a way that I am not aware of. This is a hard idea for me.

The good thing is that she has read my weblog and she still willing to go on another date with me. I am happy to know she did not learn anything that knocked me right out of the running. She is still willing to try to build a relationship. Who knows, it might have helped me.

I am still wondering if I should give her a moniker or if I should use her name when I write about her. What does everyone thing?


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