Time is not my friend

I keep on forgetting that time is not my friend. Time will not wait around and wait for me to make up my mind. It will not sit by the phone waiting for me to call. It will not stand still as I try to work out ideas in my head.

Time moves along with no regard for anything I care about. It wears down with world with wind and erosion. It moves if we are watching or not.

A friend of mine talked told me that he has learned on thing as a father. In all things days are long and years are short. Find this to be a powerful view of the world. I feel like the last four years have been really long and really short at the same time. It feels like I have been at my job for a really long time, but that time just flies by.

I have to realize that there are better ways for me to use my time. I have to use my time in ways that make me happy. That is not always the easiest thing.


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