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What does place mean? How many times to you have to go to a place before you connect to it? Can you connect to a place if you never live there? How much do you need to understand about a place before you connect with it?

These are a lot of my typical questions. I am back in Albuquerque for the second time this year. It is the fourth time I have traveled here for business. Every time I come here I have a different experience. Every time I see a little different part of the city.

All of this makes me think about how many times I have visited places. How many times have I spent the night in different cities? I made a list of the cities I have visited at least twice and how many nights I have spent there. I have excluded the places where I have ever lived. This is a list I made off the top of my head.

Some of these cities are places that I feel I understand. Other cities are places I barely know. I am not sure what makes these places different from each other or what connects me to them. I know this list says more about the people I have known then the person I am. I still think it connects to the person I am.

Albuquerque (4)
San Diego (5)
Pittsburgh (5)
Seattle (3)
Richmond (7)
Oak Ridge (5)
Kettering, OH (7)
Dewey Beach, DE (6)
Chicago (2)
State College (6)
Harrisburg (2)
Washington (2)
Fairfax, VA (6)
Atlanta (2)
Baltimore (6)


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